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works for 2-3 players


for two, six or eight performers

Loom II [Mobile 2019]

for two performers, live electronics and video


127 (2018)

for voice and guitar


The pros and cons of live food (2018)

for voice and piano


Mobile 2017 Stele (2017)

for 2 performers with similar instruments


(sprich nicht immer…) (2016)

for voice and piano (text by Stefan George)

Mobile 2015 Satirise (2014-2015)

for guitar and harp


Double Monody (2013)

for amplified prepared guitar and clavichord


One, Everyone (2013)

for amplified voice and electric guitar

Mobile 2013

for 3 contrabasses, or 1 or 2 contrabasses and electronics


Grrrr (2010-11; rev. 2018)

for Bass Trombone and Percussion

Mobile 2011 (2011)

for flute and guitar


Works for 2 players 1992-1996


Seven Aequali (2023)

for three trombones (TTB)

Beauty of Indifference (2016)

for 2 sopranos and prepared guitar or percussion


WASTE (2015)

for soprano, electric guitar, prepared piano and live electronics


Adage of Spontaneity (2014)

for open-hole bass flute, bass clarinet and electric guitar


Crack the Shell (2014)

for soprano, guitar, clavichord


Breathe (2014)

for flute, bassoon and prepared piano


Letterludes (2012-13)

for alto flute, guitar and percussion


musicircusmobile (2012)  

for flute, guitar, speaker

Works for 3 players 1992-1999

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