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works with electronics

Resonances – Mobile 2022 (2022)

for solo percussion and live electronics


Difficult Grace (2020)

after Dudley Randall

for violoncello and live electronics


Loom II [Mobile 2019] (2019)

for two performers, live electronics and video

Loom – Mobile 2018

for a solo performer, electronics and video

100 Not-Songs for JOHN CAGE (collaborative version, 2014-2017)

a collaboration for voice, video and sound projection 

Headpin Talkie (2017)

for stereo or 4-channel live electronics


Shadow Play – Mobile 2016 (2016)

for open-hole bass flute and electronics


Musical Sculpture (after Marcel Duchamp) (2016)

for 1 to infinity electric guitars and electronics


Graft Blossom (2015)

for amplified clavichord, toy piano and electronics

1830 (2015)

for 1 stringed, 1 wind, 1 percussion, 1 electronic, and 1 indeterminate instrument


WASTE (2015)

for soprano, electric guitar, prepared piano and live electronics

Mobile 2013 (2013)

for 3 contrabasses, or 1 or 2 contrabasses and electronics

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