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1830 (2015)

for 1 stringed, 1 wind, 1 percussion, 1 electronic, and 1 indeterminate instrument

Duration: variable, 1’-30’

Commissioned by: Ensemble Musica Nova, Tel Aviv

Premiered by Ensemble dal Niente, January 2018

1830 is dedicated to Amnon Wolman

1830 is an open work for 5 players:

    1 stringed instrument

    1 wind instrument

    1 percussion instrument

    1 electronic instrument

    1 indeterminate instrument


Each player is given the same set of materials: 60 cards, each possessing a number and a cue.

A performance of the work may range from 60 seconds to approximately 30’30. 

The group should decide how long they would like a version to be. 

Each player then chooses cards that add up to this agreed upon total duration.

Each player begins with one of the 4 cards labelled BEGINNING in the upper right corner.  

After this, the choice of cards and the order needed to make up the total duration is free for each person: each plays their unique order of cards continuously, without a pause between cards.

Gifford_1830 Version 1(live recording of the premiere)
00:00 / 12:35
Gifford 1830 version 2(live recording of the premiere)
00:00 / 08:13
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