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I began the ongoing mobile project in 2003. Although many of my works involve some type of openness, this series of works explores a specific kind of mutability, the mobile: a work with parts that can change their relation to each other.

The goal is to compose a new mobile every year: 

  • each with a unique instrumentation

  • each with its own way of being open

Most of the recent mobiles involve close collaboration with a soloist, include at least the possibility of electronics or video, and/or have open instrumentation.

I am grateful to all the collaborators who have propelled this project onward, by asking for a new one every year!

Mobile 2023  [Quartet]
for four performers [open instrumentation]
for solo percussion and live electronics
for any number of musicians and dancers
for any number of performers
for two performers, live electronics & video
for a solo performer, live electronics & video
for 2 similar instruments
for open-hole bass flute & electronics
for harp & guitar
for soprano saxophone
for 3 contrabasses, or 1 or 2 contrabasses & electronics
for flute
for flute & guitar
for guitar
for piano
for string quartet
for 16 Mixed Voices (4 x SATB)
for percussion quartet
for guitar quartet
for horn, tuba & piano resonance
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