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Mobile 2012 – the 16 things (2011-12)

for flute 

Duration: variable, ca. 4-14’

Commissioned and premiered by Shanna Pranaitis, Porto, March 2012

Recording: Portrait CD, Shanna Pranaitis, 2012

Published by Tetractys

Mobile 2012, for solo flute, explores the problem of forking paths: that is, the performer must constantly choose between two musical paths forward. She may begin with any musical phrase (there are 16 in total), but this must be followed by one of two possible continuities. This makes the system of choosing breakdown, causing material to be repeated in an unpredictable manner. Musically, the surface explores a wide range of very specific multiple sonorities to effect  what is often a true polyphony  - a very understated kind of virtuosity, but fiendishly difficult.

Gifford: Mobile 2012Shanna Pranaitis
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