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Past performances & events


AUGUST 26, 2021 7:30PM


Seth Parker Woods & Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

Music by Abtan, Adkins, Carter, Joachim, Lewis, Tremblay Gifford

Mary Flagler Cary Hall, New York USA

AUGUST 6, 2021 11AM

Omaha Under the Radar

World-premiere of Around [Mobile 2021] 

for any number of performers  and any number of dancers


MAY 25, 2021 7PM

Kaufman Music Center

Seth Parker Woods performs

works by Abtan, Adkins, Carter,

Joachim, Tremblay and Gifford

Merkin Hall, New York USA

7 May 2021 7:00PM [Encore performance]

Difficult Grace [video version]

Seth Parker Woods, cello and voice

SOUND/SITES University of Chicago Presents

22 MARCH 2021 7:30PM

Loom II [Mobile 2019, video version]

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, voice

Jesse Langen, electric guitar

Chicago College of the Performing Arts Faculty Composition Recital

26 FEBRUARY 2021 7:00PM

Difficult Grace [video version]

Seth Parker Woods, cello and voice

SOUND/SITES University of Chicago Presents

Omaha Under the Rader perfroma of Fredrick Gifford, Crack the Shell


5 NOV 2020 7PM

Translating the Atrocities of Our Past,

Composing the Language of Our Future

In depth: A talk with music curator Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti & Seth Parker Woods

Music by Abtan, Adkins, Gifford, Joachim and Tremblay


15-18 JUL 2020 

Omaha Under the Radar

Co-technical Director

[Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic]

18 MAR 2020 7:30PM


Matt Oliphant & Kevin Harrison perform as part of

CCPA Composition Faculty Recital

Ganz Hall, 430 S. Michigan Ave., 7th Floor Chicago

[Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic]

9 FEB 2020 SUN 6PM

Difficult Grace (World-premiere)

Seth Parker Woods performs new music by Abtan, Adkins, Carter, Gifford, Joachim, Tremblay

Octave 9: Raisbeck Music Center - Benaroya Hall, Seattle Symphony



DEC 2019

Guest Artist, Composition

Hochschule für Musik, Leonhardsstrasse 6, 4009 Basel

7 NOV 2019 THU 8PM

Stellae IV

World-premiere of Stellae IV for ensemble

University of North Dakota New Music Ensemble

Josephine Campbell Recital, Hughes Fine Arts Center

28 SEP 2019 SAT 7PM

Dal Niente Season Opener

Music by Page, Bauckholt, Çamci,

Santos, Gifford, Lu & Choi

Holtschneider Performance Center, Chicago

AUG 2019 – MAY 2020

Artist Faculty, Composition 2019-2020

Chicago College of Performing Arts

Roosevelt University, Chicago 60605


06 SEP 2019 FRI 7:30PM

Pros and Cons of Live Food

La Bestiaire and other beasts

Narloch Piano Studio

Liz Pearse, voice and piano

23 JUL 2019 TUE 8PM

Pros and Cons of LIve Food

Ann Arbor Festival of Song

Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, MI

Liz Pearse, voice and piano

AUG 2 2019 FRI 7PM

Ensemble Dal Niente: Solos and Duos

Ensemble Dal Niente performs chamber music by Evans, Fujikara, Gifford, Jones, Ko, Mumford and Takemitsu 

Holtschneider Performance Center, Allen Recital Hall; 2330 N. Halsted St., Chicago


28 JUN – 03 JUL 2019

Summer Residency for New Music

DePaul School of Music

Residency for New Music with Ensemble Dal Niente and Carola Bauckholt, Christopher Jones, Fredrick Gifford


26 JUL 2019 FRI 6PM

Omaha Under the Radar Festival, Kaneko

Matt Oliphant and Kevin Harrison perform Stele (Mobile 2017)

28 JUN – 2 JUL 2019

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble records Lang's love fail (producer)

Wild Sound Studios 

22 JUN 2019 SAT 8PM

Shadow Play

Festival at Centre for Present-Day Music

Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig

23 MAY 2019 THURS 7:30PM

Liz Pearse in Recital

World premiere: the pros and cons of live food (2018)

Liz Pearse, voice and piano

First Trinity Evangelical-Lutheran Church, 535 N Neville St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4 MAY 2019 SAT 7:30PM

Wood feeds the fire that consumes it

Hasco Duo and Fredrick Gifford perform a multimedia concert including works by: Lena Nietfield, Tomás Gueglio, Guilluame Dufay and Fredrick Gifford

Leonardo da Vinci Festival   

Bancroft Street Market, 2702 South 10th Street Omaha, Nebraska


12 APR 2019 7:30PM

Chicago Electro-Acoustic Music Festival

World-premiere of Headpin Talkie (4-channels, 2019)

The Chicago Electro-Acoustic Music at Roosevelt University, April 11-12

Ganz Hall, 430 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago

22 FEB 2019 FRI 7:00PM

27 States (World-premiere)

Jesse Langen, electric guitar

Works by Czernowin, Gifford, Grisey and Robin

Allen Recital Hall, 2330 N. Halsted Ave., Chicago



24 NOV 2018 SAT 19:30

Shadow Play

Collect / Project meets the art of poetry slam: The compositions pick up texts by writers and dress them in fine and transparent sounds. As a contrast to the abstract music we invite two protagonists of the local poetry slam scene to perform with us and create a musical dialogue between words and sounds

Kraftwerk Bille – Hamburg, Germany

*Support from Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung


30 OCT - 3 NOV 2018

Dartmouth College Residency

Guest residency with Sonic Arts students

"Strategies for integrating performer choice and interactive electronics in recent works”


15 OCT 2018 MON 7:30PM


Kevin Harrison, Tuba with guest, Matt Oliphant, horn

Program includes music by Hindemith, Kraft & Gifford

Armerding Center for Music and the Arts 132 Recital Hall, Wheaton College Conservatory of Music


7 OCT 2018 SUN 8:30PM

STELE (world-premiere)

Matt Oliphant and Kevin Harrison perform new music for Horn & Tuba

Constellation  3111 North Western Avenue   Chicago, IL


6 OCT 2018 SAT 7:30 PM

Alas, but notwithstanding

The Athens Saxophone Quartet featuring works by Constantinides, Demos, and Gifford. With guest artists Mia Hynes, Michael Bersin, John Rutland, Carrie Turner, and Duncan Winslow

Wittmore Recital Hall, University of Missouri


4 OCT 2018 THURS 7 PM

Alas, but notwithstanding (world-premiere)

The Athens Saxophone Quartet featuring works by Constantinides, Demos, and Gifford.

With guest artists Mia Hynes, Michael Bersin, John Rutland, Carrie Turner, and Duncan Winslow.

Hart Recital Hall, Warrensburg, MO

4 MAY 2018 FRI 8PM

Grrrr for Bass Trombone and Percussion

North American Premiere:

Wm. Riley Leitch, trombone

Ethan Martin, percussion

DePaul Concert Hall, 800 W. Belden Ave, Chicago

11 MAR 2018 SUN 4PM

Hanging Gardens Project

Kayleigh Butcher, mezzo soprano, and Christopher Narloch, pianist, present Schönberg's masterpiece, Das Buch der hängenden Gärten, a 15-movement song cycle (Running Time - roughly 25-30 minutes) depicting a failed love affair between two teenagers in an idyllic garden. Eventually the woman leaves and the garden perishes. Using texts by Schönberg’s friend and poet, Stefan George, this work marked Schönberg's first shift from traditional musical order to 'pantonality'.To accompany this iconic work, Chris and Kayleigh have commissioned 15 one-minute pieces from American composers all over the country who were inspired by specific movements of Schönberg's masterpiece. The composers included are: Bethany Younge, Evan Williams, Steven Rice, Jessie Marino, David Grant, Jenna Lyle, Brian Penkrot, Alex Temple, Jonathan Sokol, Cara Haxo, Jonathan Hannau, Adrian Montúfar, Elliot Cless, Fredrick Gifford, and Pamela Stein Lynde.


10 MAR 2018 SAT 7:30PM

2018 UNK New Music Festival

Closing concert will include Amanda DeBoer Bartlett performing 100 Not-Songs for John Cage


23 FEB 2018 FRI 8PM

Hasco Duo

Program includes: One, Everyone (2013) for voice and electric guitar and the World-premiere of 127

for voice and guitar

800 W. Belden Ave, Chicago IL

26-27 JAN 2018

Splice Festival

SPLICE Festival is a two-day festival that blends engaging live performances with new technologies. Composers, performers, and composer/performers gather for a weekend of concerts and presentations covering topics such as aesthetics, technology, and issues of performance practice, with the goal of inspiring, educating, and sharing information amongst the attendees and the students at the host institution. SPLICE Festival is designed to foster community and to create bonds between performers and composers dedicated to music that involves dynamic, live performance with technology. The inaugural SPLICE Festival will take place at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI on January 26th and 27th of 2018.

07 JAN 2018 8:30PM

Holes and Tunnels

Ensemble Dal Niente Presents: Holes and Tunnels

New music by Sivan Cohen-Elias, Michelle Lou and Fredrick Gifford

Constellation 3111 North Western AvenueChicago, IL, 60618United States 



9 NOV 2017 SUN 8:30PM

Hanging Gardens Project

Kayleigh Butcher, mezzo soprano, and Christopher Narloch, pianist.

To accompany Schönberg's iconic work, Book of the Hanging Gardens, Chris and Kayleigh have commissioned 15 one-minute pieces from American composers all over the country who were inspired by specific movements of Schönberg's masterpiece. The composers included are: Bethany Younge, Evan Williams, Steven Rice, Jessie Marino, David Grant, Jenna Lyle, Brian Penkrot, Alex Temple, Jonathan Sokol, Cara Haxo, Jonathan Hannau, Adrian Montúfar, Elliot Cless, Fredrick Gifford, and Pamela Stein Lynde.

13 OCT 2017 FRI 7:30PM

Visions and Delusions

Collect/Project perform music by Selim Göncü, Fredrick Gifford, Neo Hülcker, Detlef Heusinger, Keiko Harada & [zygote] 

Shanna Pranaitis (Gutierrez), flute; Eva Zöllner, accordion; Francisco Castillo Trigueros, electronics

Mary B. Galvin Recital Hall, Northwestern University 70 Arts Circle Drive, Evanston

23 SEPT 2017 8:30PM


Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble season opener with premieres of new works by Dave Reminick and Fred Gifford, along with music by Laura Steenberge, Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, and Cara Haxo. Matthew Oliphant will open with a piece by Jonathon Kirk

Constellation Chicago, 3111. N. Western Ave

7 AUG 2017 MON 7:30PM

from 100 Not-Songs for JOHN CAGE

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett performs a new version of Not-Songs for voice & electronics

OutrSpaces, 528 S 24th Street Omaha, NE

19 MAY 2017 FRI 8:30PM

100 Not-Songs for JOHN CAGE


Concert includes improvisations by Peter Evans and Levy Lorenzo, and the world-premiere of the multi-media collaboration: 100 Not-Songs for JOHN CAGE (Tony Arnold, soprano, Ross Karre, projections, Fredrick Gifford, composer and sound designer)

Constellation Chicago  1311 N. Western Ave.  Chicago 

28 APR 2017 FRI 7:30PM

Memoria Nova Ensemble

Concert includes music by Rameau, Wolff, Shapey, Martinu and Dufay (arr. Gifford)

Piano Forte Studios, 1335 South Michigan Ave., Chicago

28 JAN 2017 SAT 8PM

New Ear Satellite Series

Shanna Pranaitis (Gutierrez), flute:  recital featuring works by Stroppa, Radulescu, Mahnkopf, Gifford & Steinhauer

La Esquina 1000 W 25th St, Kansas City, MO

15 JAN 2017 SUN 8:30PM


Dualities: Mabel Kwan, piano and Shanna Pranaitis (Gutierrez), flute 

Chou Wen-Chung: Cursive

Olga Neuwirth: Verfremdung/Entfremdung

Alex Temple: Willingly 

Fredrick Gifford: Shadow Play

Frequency Series; Constellation Chicago, 3111 N. Western Ave., Chicago

8 JAN 2017 SUN 8:30PM

Musical Sculpture (Duchamp, arr. Gifford, 2016)

Ensemble Dal Niente Presents works by Chin, Diez-Fischer, Carrizo, Lyle, Cohen Elias, Gifford

Constellation 3111 N Western Ave., Chicago, IL 



OCT 13-21, 2016

Mobile 2016 Shadow Play



OCT 13  Western Michigan University

OCT 18  University of Central Missouri

OCT 21  University of California, Berkeley


Francisco Castillo Trigueros (b.1983): New Work for voice, flute(s), and electronics (13’)

Fredrick Gifford (b.1972): Shadow Play (2016) for open-hole bass flute and live electronics (8’)

Alexander Schubert (b.1979): Your fox’s, a dirty gold (2011) for one performer with voice, e-guitar, electronics, motion sensors, and lights (9’)

Nomi Epstein (b. 1978): New Work (2016) for voice, flute(s), and electronics (variable, 8-10’)

Luciano Berio (1925-2003): Altra Voce (1999) for mezzo-soprano, alto flute and 6-channel live- electronics


OCT 30, 2016 SUN 3PM


New Music at the Green Mill presents: RADIO VOLTAIRE – a real fake

Music and poetry by and after Emmy Hennings, Hugo Ball, Marcel Duchamp, Fredrick Gifford


     Amanda DeBoer Bartlett

     Jesse Langen

     Mabel Kwan

     Liz Pearse


OCT 9, 2016 SUN 1PM

Shadow play

Shanna Pranaitis (Gutierrez) premieres MOBILE 2016, Shadow play, for bass flute and electronics as part of the Ear Taxi Festival.


JUL 8, 2016 FRI 6:00PM


Soundboard plays Omaha Under the Radar

MAY 20, 2016 FRI 8PM

Graft Blossom

Mabel Kwan performs part 3 of respirateur –  Graft Blossom – for clavichord, toy piano & electronics New Music DePaul 800 W. Belden Ave. Chicago

MAY 15, 2016 SUN 8:30PM

Patchwork and Jesse Langen


Nucleus by Alex Mincek
Preach Now / Spank Not Death by Nick Didkovsky
Axamer Folio by Eric Wubbels

Frame by Marc Codina
A Rayas Y Cuadros by Pablo Chin
Iwater. Inight. by Morgan Krauss
(ep)Scra'p by Julien Malaussena
Mobile 2010 by Fredrick Gifford

Constellation  3111 N Western Ave Chicago

MAR 26, 2016 SAT, 3PM


Parlour Tapes+ releaese Inventions by Danny Clay and Mabel Kwan

Mabel Kwan performs Clay, Bach and Gifford

Saki Records, 3716 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647


FEB 21, 2016 SUN, 8:30PM


Pesedjet plays music by Philip Schuessler, David Grant, LJ White, Megan Beugger, Andres Carrizo, including my WASTE for soprano, prepared piano, electric guitar and live electronics.


FEB 11, 2016 THU 8:30PM

Adage of Spontaneity (US premiere)

Sonic Hedgehog performs Dikstra, Dufay, Gee, Gifford, Hijmans and Hirs


JAN 31, 2016 SUN 8:30PM


Ben Melsky performs new music for harp, harp and guitar, and harp and voice (with Jesse Langen & Amanda DeBoer Bartlett) at Northwestern University's McClintock Auditorium

JAN 23, 2016 SAT 8:30PM


Dal Niente Presents: Ben Melsky and Jesse Langen perform a program of newly commissioned works for harp and guitar.

Elastic Arts, 3429 W Diversey Ave #208, Chicago

JAN 3, 2016 SUN 8:30PM

Graft Blossom

Dal Niente Presents: Mabel Kwan premieres part 3 of respirateur – 

Graft Blossom – for clavichord, toy piano & electronics 

Constellation, 3111 N. Western Ave., Chicago



SEPT 28, 2015 MON 7:30PM


Columbia University

Sherwood Music Hall

1312 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago

Ben Melsky and Jesse Langen: New works for Harp and Guitar Duet


Kasia Szczech: Librancer (2015)

Tomás Gueglio: One Baroque (2015)

Drew Baker: New Work (2015)

Fredrick Gifford: Mobile 2015 (2015)


24 SEP 2015 THURS 7PM

hinge for clavichord and electronics (from respirateur)

Comfort Music:

Parlour Tapes+with Eric Fernandez, Mabel Kwan, and Lia Kohl / Nick Meryhew

Comfort Station, 2579 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647


9 SEPT 2015 WED 7:30PM

100 Not-Songs for JOHN CAGE

Resonant Bodies Festival

Merkin Concert Hall

129 W. 67th St. 

New York

Tony Arnold premieres solos from the 100 Not-Songs collection

AUG 8, 2015, SAT 3PM


James Fusik, soprano saxophone

Contemporary Music Potluck (CMP) Lansing, Michigan

JUL, 10, 2015 FRI 7PM

27 Sonorities; Gesualdo di Venosa – Mercè grido piangendo (arr. Gifford)

Omaha Under the Radar, Bancroft Street Market

APRIL 12, 2015, SUN, 8:30PM

Crack the Shell


Frequencey Series  

Constellation – 3111 N. Western, Chicago

FEBRUARY 20, 2015, FRI 8PM


Jim Fusik, soprano saxophone

New Music Depaul, 800 W. Belden Ave, Chicago



NOVEMBER 21, 2014, FRI, 7:30PM

JANUS (mobile 2011)

Shanna Pranaitis (Gutierrez), flute & Jesse Langen, guitar

Ganz Hall, 430 S Michigan Ave. 7th Floor, Chicago


SEPTEMBER 20, 2014


James Fusik performs at the Minot Modern festival, North Dakota


SEPTEMBER 17, 2014, WED, 8PM

Adage of Spontaneity

Infinity Stairs 

Fie Schouten, Shanna Pranaitis (Gutierrez) & Wiek Hijmans

Het Bethaniënklooster, Barndesteeg 6b, 1012BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands

AUGUST 10, 2014, 09:30 AM

Aurea Silva Trio

World-premiere of BREATHE for flute, bassoon and prepared piano, National Flute Association Convention, Chicago


11 JUL 2014, FRI, 8PM


World-premiere of Crack the Shell for voice, guitar and clavichord as part of the Omaha Under the Radar Festival


JULY 11, 2014, FRI, 7PM

Omaha Under the Radar

Works from the MOBILE, including the world-premiere of this year's model by James Fusik and Janus (MOBILE 2011)


JUNE 14, 2014 SAT, 08:30 PM

Spektral Quartet Sampler Pack

Concert includes the world-premiere of new arrangements of two songs by Johannes Ciconia


APRIL 14, 2014 MON, 07:30 PM

ANODE in Chicago

One, Everyone is included in this program of new works, part of Constellation Chicago's Frequency Series


APRIL 10-12, 2014

ANODE 2014 Festival and Symposium, New Orleans

Co-hosted by Tulane University and Coup d’Oeil Art Consortium


MARCH 30, 2014 SUN, 6 PM

Jesse Langen, Electric Guitar Recital

World-premiere of Broadcast for Telecaster Guitar




DEC 01, 2013 SUN 08PM

Parlour Tapes+ at the Whistler

Double Monody is performed as part of the CD release: *AND

NOV 08, 2013 FRI, 8PM

Double Monody

Mabel Kwan and Jesse Langen perform as part of New Music DePaul

OCT 27, 2013 SUN 2PM

12 pages for Bass Clarinet

Przemyslaw Bosak performs at the Green Mill, Chicago

AUG 22, 2013 THU 7:30PM

World-premiere: Double Monody

Mabel Kwan and Jesse Langen perform in the Chicago Temple Building

MAY 28, 2013 TUE 08PM

World-premiere: GRAIN

The New Music Ensemble at Chicago Academy of the Arts performs, Curtiss Hall, 410 S. Michigan Ave

MAY 22, 2013 WED 07PM

World-premiere: One, Everyone

Amanda deBoer Bartlett, voice and Jesse Langen, electric guitar

perform the closing concert of Chicago's Unfamiliar Music Series at the Empty Bottle


MAY 03, 2013 FRI 08PM


Shanna Pranaitis (Gutierrez), fl., Jesse Langen, gtr., and Greg Beyer, perc., perform at DePaul University


FEB 02, 2013 SAT 08PM


Chicago Academy for the Arts

Mabel Kwan performs works by Eliza Brown, Ray Evanoff, LeeHyla and Fredrick Gifford

JAN 31, 2013 THU 07:30PM

World-premiere: Letterludes

Dal Niente Presents: Voices

Nicholls Hall, Evanston



JUL 28, 2012 SAT 05PM

aegjlns; corpse fragments

Jesse Langen in recital at the Darmstadt Ferienkuese für Neue Musik


JUL 25, 2012 WED 06PM


Stage:Cage at the Darmstadt Ferienkuese für Neue Musik

JUL 11, 2012 WED 8PM

soundSCAPE festival

Tony Arnold, selections from 100 NOT-SONGS for JOHN CAGE, Maccagno, Italy

MAY 25, 2012 FRI 06:30PM

World premiere: 100 NOT-SONGS for JOHN CAGE

Tony Arnold, soprano, premieres selections from 100 NOT-SONGS for JOHN CAGE at Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago


JUN 1, 2012 FRI 08PM

corpse fragments

Ensemble 61 performs at studio Z, St. Paul

MAY 12, 2012 SAT 08PM

US premiere: MOBILE 2012

Ensemble Dal Niente hosts "The Party", Logan Square/Avondale Arts Center

MAR 11, 2012 FRI 08PM

MEASURE (hommage à Messiaen)

Ensemble I & D, Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, Porto, Portugal

FEB 26, 2012 SUN 07:30PM

Portrait: Fredrick Gifford, works for flute and guitar

Shanna Pranaitis (Gutierrez), flute and Jesse Langen, guitar

Sala Teresa Maceda, Porto, Portugal

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