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Musical producer

Because delivering a great performance in the studio is already a big task, having someone who knows the music and understands your vision is crucial.

A musical producer is a like a film director: they need to always

see and hear the big picture, and make sure everyone involved is working together toward the single goal of making a great recording.

Collaborators speak

Collaborators speak

"Quince Ensemble has worked with Fred Gifford several times as a producer, and there is hands down no one I trust more to have in the booth. It's so hard as a performer to separate yourself from the music you're tracking so to have a musician that you can whole-heartedly rely on is critical. Fred will always be that musician for Quince."

Kayleigh Butcher, Executive director, Quince Ensemble​​

“I worked with Fredrick Gifford in Portugal, as musical producer for 2 CD's: harpsichord solo and SSATB choir & continuo. In both projects, Gifford worked with excellence and precision; his enormous preparation and musical knowledge always ensured excellent results and efficient use of the recording time. In additional to his unquestionable technical and musical competence, Fredrick Gifford is always courteous and friendly. I strongly recommend his work.”

- Mário Marques Trilha, harpsichordist and conductor

"Fred is a joy to work with. He is spot-on with his notes, has a wonderful rapport with the artists and can navigate complex situations with ease.  I highly recommend him for choral and instrumental productions."


Steve Kaul,  Wild Sound Recording Studio, Minneapolis

"I have hired Fred to run production for many recording sessions of different styles because I know that any project with him at the helm will run smoothly, have a positive atmosphere, and function at the highest technical level possible. His attention to detail and ability to plan for a multitude of potential situations makes him a non-negotiable asset. The breadth of musical knowledge he brings to the table is inspiring and makes every project he’s involved in that much more engaging and unique. Whether I’m working on an Americana album, an experimental project, or something grounded in classical music, Fred is my first call when I start, and the last call when I’m ready to sign off on the final edits."

Amanda DeBoer, soprano & director, Omaha Under the Radar

A bit about me

A bit about me

Hasco Duo and Fredrick Gifford by Eliane Miller
My experience as a composer / performer (trumpet; piano; electric bass),
& my studio work as an editor and a mixing & mastering engineer
give me insight into all aspects of a production – from concept to finished track.

I have an award-winning record of working with artists around the world on everything from solo guitar, to flute and electronics, to choir and orchestra.

Nothing is too experimental for me. I love working on world-premieres and with artists who are serious about sharing great music in a recorded format.
Work Samples

Work Samples

Remix Ensemble

Emmanuel Nunes: Épures du Serpent Vert IIREMIX Ensemble
00:00 / 01:56

Quince Ensemble

David Lang: from love fail – head, heartQuince Ensemble
00:00 / 02:39
Fredrick Gifford: SatiriseBen Melsky / Jesse Langen
00:00 / 02:25

Shanna Pranaitis

Claus Steffen-Mahnkopf: AtsiminimasShanna Pranaitis
00:00 / 02:39
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