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In addition to teaching at university for over 20 years, I also work with private students (in-person and online) on all sorts of things.

I believe that an instructor should be someone who helps you learn and discover things that are important and helpful to you. 

In our work together we may listen to, analyze, and / or perform things that you write or that interest you. 

My own experience as a composer, performer and producer is always there as a guide for my students: asking relevant questions, working on new technical tools and helping you develop your own creative process.
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Who are my students? What do they study?


They are composers who studied composition formally, but want to continue studies or work on things they didn’t learn at school.


They are musicians who are interested in composition, but did not study it formally.


They are attorneys who want to learn more about Schütz and music history.


They are singers who want to analyze Haydn’s Stabat Mater in great detail before they sing it in concert.


They make universal TV remotes and want to learn how to write in the style of Fauré.


They are saxophonists who want to write their own music and study contemporary repertoire in depth.


They write musicals and love Sondheim.


They are visual artists who need to understand the 14th-century Mass by Machaut.


They have already written a few songs, and now want to learn more about the technical aspects of music and writing.

What about my fee?
Please contact me - let’s have a free first meeting and figure out what works for you. Like life, this is not a one size fits all endeavor: prices vary depending on the time commitment of a project, the regularity of meetings, the level of investigation, etc..

I offer assistance for those in need – I want everyone who is curious to be able to learn.

References available upon request.
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