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Mobile 2014 (2013-2014)

for soprano saxophone

Duration: variable, ca. 7-10’ 

Premiere: James Fusik, Omaha Under the Radar, July 2014

Commissioned by James Fusik

Mobile 2014 is an installment in a series of works that I began in 2003. Each year, I write a new mobile; every mobile has a unique instrumentation and explores a different kind of openness (i.e., the way in which it is mobile). Mobile 2014 for soprano saxophone, was written for James Fusik. The work’s mobility is linked to the performer’s motion though the space. Different locations house specific types of musical material. There are three fixed stations and three transitional passages that form a continuous, circular space. Each location has unique timbral and textural material depending on the direction of motion through the space. In this way, the performer’s choice of a physical pathway through space also determines the musical form of a version of this mobile. 

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