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WASTE (2015)

for soprano, electric guitar, prepared piano and live electronics

Duration: variable, ca. 10’

Premiere: Ensemble Pesedjet, St. Paul, November 2015 

Commissioned by Ensemble Pesedjet [part of INSTANT BEAUTY]

Narcissus’s punishment is witnessed in this scene. There is no narrative or set order of events, rather Narcissus is made to wander from mirror to mirror, constantly falling in love with their image, but always denied it.  This is achieved musically through an open form where Narcissus is free to move between five stations, performing each only once. (Stations 1, 2, 4 & 5 are fixed, 3 is mobile).  There is no general score: all three musicians are soloists who create a unique pathway through their own composed and semi-open material, but real-time listening based on cues in the parts will shape a given performance.

Commissioned by Pesedjet (Carrie Henneman Shaw, voice; Mabel Kwan, keyboards; & Jesse Langen, guitars), WASTE was premiered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, November 2015.

Gifford: WASTEPesedjet (live performance)
00:00 / 08:30
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