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Musical Sculpture (after Marcel Duchamp) (2016)

for 1 to infinity electric guitars and electronics

Duration: variable

Premiere: Radio Voltaire, October 2016

The title of the piece comes from a sheet of paper contained in Marcel Duchamp’s Green Box.  Musical Sculpture. [after Duchamp] is for 8 to [infinity] electric guitars.





To create a version of the sculpture, all 8 notated parts need to be recorded.

Each guitar has a unique scordatura and pedal setup (detailed below).

Each part contains 52 measures that are to be played at the indicated tempo (including rests appearing within these parts).


Additionally, but not appearing in the parts, are two measures of rest, which the performer is free to insert wherever they choose. The duration of each of these measures of rest should range from 4 to 13 beats at the indicated tempo.


One cycle of 8 layers lasts ca. 8’30.



For a version with a live performance component, additional layers may be performed simultaneously with the playback of the recorded parts.

In a live performance, the recorded layers should be played from unique locations, as possible. 

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