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works for 2-3 players 1992-1999

r/evolve (1996)

for violin and violoncello

Duration: 12’

Premiere: New York New Music Ensemble, New York, 1997


Duo: Tubas (1994)

for 2 Tubas with optional electronics

Duration: 7’

Premiere: William Adams & Andrew Miller, Chicago, June 1994


Duo: Pianos (1993)

Duration: 7’

Premiere: Martin Ock, Michael Rivers, Chicago, March 1994


Duo: Voice and Piano (1992)

(after a text by Nicholas Breton)

Premiere: Selina Prasad, voice, Michael Rivers, piano, Chicago, November 1993


exquisite corpse (1998-1999)

for Mandolin, Guitar, Bass Clarinet

Collaboration with Amnon Wolman and Peter Ivan Edwards

Duration: 15’

Premiere:  The Art Institute of Chicago, July 1999

Commissioned by the Illinois Arts Council and the Art Institute of Chicago


plane/panel (1997-1998)

for flute, viola & harp

Duration: variable, ca. 9-12’

Commissioned and premiered by Pinotage Trio, Evanston, May 1999


∆  (1994-1995)

for piano, horn, violin 

Duration: variable, ca. 10’

Premiere: Jenny Chiou, Dana Christensen, Sharon Cantrell, Evanston, 1996

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