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One, Everyone (2013)

for amplified voice and electric guitar

Duration: variable, ca. 6-9’

Premiere: Unfamiliar Music, Chicago 2013

Recording: Hasco Duo, 2015

Commissioned by Ensemble dal Niente

My music explores openness. In each work, I try to expand what this can mean for a “composed” piece. In One, Everyone, commissioned by Hasco Duo, I leave the decision regarding the text used in the work (one of the most important elements in any piece involving voice) up to the performer. The rhythmic, harmonic, dynamic, and timbral structures are fully composed, as panels that the players may assemble in a number of orders. Even the manner in which the text will be distributed within these panels is determined. But the fundamental choice of the actual words and sounds of the language will change for every performance. Past performances have employed texts about: Antonin Artaud, factory workers in China, Randy Newman’s compositional process, and letters between friends.

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