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Stellae XXII (2020)

for 8-22 flutes in 2-5 groups

Duration: variable, ca. 10’

Commissioned by Carla Rees and the rarescale Flute Academy. 

Premiere scheduled for June 2020 [postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic]

In 2017, I composed Stele, for two similar instruments. Stele (a memorial column or stone) is an open work that invites its performers to listen carefully and react to each other to create the constantly evolving “pillars” of harmonies suggest by the title. In 2019 I began composing a new series of pieces related to Stele, called stellae (stars), of which Stellae XXII is the second. These stellae are constellations of harmonies that could be heard in a performance of Stele. Although the instrumentation and harmonic content are now specified, timing, choices about timbre and careful listening remain open and crucial to the world of the stellae.


The piece is dedicated to Carla Rees and the rarescale Flute Academy.

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