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Proteiforme (2003-2004)

for Orchestra, 3 1 2 2 - 2 3 1 0, 3 percussion, harp, strings

Duration: variable, ca. 10-15’

Commissioned and premiered by: Chesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra, Annapolis & Nîmes, June/July 2004

Proteiforme was originally conceived as a collaboration between Trio Nunc (Alto Saxophone, Piano and Contrabass) and the Chesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra. The trio improvises, for them there is no score. The are five parts of fully notated music for orchestra (these are presented here, in order, as a score, only for convenience). These parts may be performed in any order, in whole or part, creating an open relation with the composed musical material. The conductor must be prepared to communicate to the ensemble which parts will be performed and at which points. In addition to normal issues of coordination with the improvising trio, this flexibility with the material (in real time) should also be rehearsed in advance. 


The orchestral material from Proteiforme may also be performed as an orchestral work, without soloists. Here, the ordering and form of the material again remain open, but must be planned and rehearsed in advance.


Commissioned and premiered by the Chesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra, 

Julien Benichou, cond., Annapolis & Nîmes, June/July 2004

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