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pointing towards ever/an(y)nowhere (1998)

for string quartet

Duration: variable, ca. 5-7’

Premiere: Kairos Quartett, Bludenzer tage zeitgemässiger musik, Bludenz, November 2003

This is the first piece in which I experimented with writing multiple “possible” measures. There is no score, rather each player receives a part with 3 versions of 33 measures that cycle. The material in each instrumental part is notated in three layers: The first layer outlines the same basic melodic material, in unison pitch, in all parts (a cantus firmus of sorts); the second layer consists of a sustaining or echoing of the cantus firmus, with slower harmonic changes; the third layer is itself heterogeneous, possessing quiet, sustained tones (primarily harmonics) and soloistic, interruptive passages. 

The performer is free to choice which layer they will perform – periodic windows for transition between layers are notated. Performers are asked to listen to the composite texture when they encounter passages of musical rests. If the texture is heterogenous, they are to continue performing; if they hear that everyone is playing the same material, then they are to stop playing their part.

This work was premiered by the Kairos Quartet at Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik, November 2003.

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