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Broadcast (2013)

for electric telecaster guitar

Duration: variable, ca. 8-10’

Premiere: Jesse Langen, Chicago, March  2014

Commissioned by Jesse Langen and the Chicago Academy for the Arts

Broadcast has no traditional score; this set of materials includes more items than will be heard during any single performance. A selection from these materials will yield a unique version of the work, lasting between 6-8 minutes. There are three different types of sections, labeled Refrains (1-4), Oases (1-4), and Sequences (1-3) – the numbers are included only for identification: they do not imply order.


The Refrains ask the player to choose a short excerpt, about 30-40” in length, from the telecaster repertoire: virtuosic solos typically associated with country, R&B and rockabilly music written since the 1960’s. This music often involves blending banjo and guitar finger picking techniques, cross-string performance, bends, slides, and passages of extreme rapidity and virtuosity (some examples of performers specializing on the telecaster: James Burton, Roy Buchanon, Danny Gatton, Albert Lee, Red Volkaert).


Oases employ semi-open notation: material here is notated as completely chordal, but via written indications and/or bracket notation, a variety of realizations (specific notes from within the chords, rhythms, repetitions) is possible.

Timbre and control settings are in constant flux during the Oases.


The Sequences incorporate fully written out passages as well as semi-open and bracket notation. They also include references to the imported excerpt employed in the Refrains (indicated, as in the Refrains,by the letters that identify phrases). 

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