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Aliquid (2007-8)

for String Quartet

Duration: 13’

“For the Stoics, the states of things, quantities and qualities, are no less beings (or bodies) than substance…the highest term is not Being, but Something, or aliquid, in the measure in which it subsumes being and non-being, the existences and the insistences.”

-Gilles Deleuze (from Logique du sens, Les Éditions de Minuit, 1969)

There is no score in the traditional sense; rather the form of the work will vary for each performance. Instead, a complete set of all the musical material involved for any realization of the piece is presented here. The material in each instrumental part is notated, at times, in two independent musical layers. Players use dotted baronies as possible points of transition.


The material is notated so that exact rhythmic coordination between all four players is always possible. The notation shows the activity that will produce the desired timbral event. The performer is asked to maintain the notated fingering, bow position(s), mode of attack, dynamic and bow pressure, allowing the sounds which actually “speak” to range from percussive noises, through indeterminately pitched events (whose sounds may not correspond to the notated, fingered pitches in the parts), to discrete frequencies.

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