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27 states (2017)

for a solo performer

Duration: variable

Premiere: Jesse Langen, electric guitar, New Music DePaul, Chicago, March 2019

27 States developed from an idea by Fredrick Gifford and Narayan Nayar called 33 variations (1995/6). The current work is dedicated to Jesse Langen, for his championing of the original piece, insistence on reforming a version (the original has been lost), and assistance with developing the current score.


27 States can be for any instruments or any number of players.  It is a kind of sonic variations cycle, but what is varied is open – this will be freely chosen by the performer(s) for each iteration of the work. For example, what is varied could be sounds created during an individual’s improvisation session; or, Mahler’s 2nd Symphony; or field recordings; etc.

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