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open instrumentation – for at least 8 performers: 2 winds, 2 brass, 2 percussion, 2 strings

Duration: 10’00

In ORCHESTRA (2018), musicians using different sound sources work together to create a truly interactive music. All the performers are equal collaborators during the stages of realizing the work – from choosing its exact sounds to creating a continuous form.. In this way, ORCHESTRA blurs the lines between performance and creation; collaboration and composition.


A performance of ORCHESTRA will last approximately 10 minutes. 

The sonic forces are organized into four families. Each family should contain a minimum of 2 players:  wind instruments; brass instruments; percussion instruments; string instruments.


For a performance, each musician plays through a set of 27 cards, repeating none. 

The piece results from the creative realization of sonic cues written on each card and composed guidelines that set up a context for the how the players relate to each other at any moment.

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